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March 31, 2012


Renovation by Rachael Z. Ikins

March 31, 2012

I am pleased to announce the imminent release of my third chapbook, RENOVATION by Foothills Publishing. It is a chapbook with my own artwork on the cover. Coming at the tail end of Women’s History month, this collection of 25 poems tells a story of a woman who is trapped in an abusive relationship. She frees herself and begins her healing journey of understanding the concept of home that resides in her own heart. “Diversity Rules” editor Jim Koury, will be featuring the book in their May issue. Penwoman, Jaidis Shaw, publisher of the blog “Juniper Grove”, will be featuring “Renovation” in an interview on April 23 during National Poetry month.

my grandparents

March 30, 2012

I was searching for an ACEO or artist trading card that has a poem printed on handmade paper, and couldn t find it. However I discovered many unrelated treasures as my search led me from place to place sort of like the trail of breadcrumbs that Hansel & Gretel followed. I found poetry I ‘d written in the early 2000s, ’06, hip hop poetry for various cousins and kids in our family. An anthem of self actualization for myself which, I did try to perform, once, at an open mic, but I could not relax into it. Anyway, I also found doggerel style, amusing poems. At first the style was so different from my own voice, I did not recognize my own work. I thought my ex. had written this. But, when I read the content, a photographic memory popped into my mind and I knew the poem was, in fact, my own work.
here it is.

Observation Across the Table: Eating Dinner with my Grandparents when I Was a Kid
Rachael Z. Ikins

A pea disappeared down
her decolletage.
He knew not where
to find it.
So, in he slid
his finger thus,
and there he did
unbind it.

Open your eyes

March 29, 2012

Worm farming

March 29, 2012

Like to shout out to Soulsby farm! Raised worms, red wigglers in my basement in the city many moons ago! Here, you can get them from our recycling facility, just bring a coffee can.
And chickens! I raised my girls for eggs. Of course I ended up with three roosters. One flew off to a new home. Two were buddies until puberty. Thus became the inside rooster in the pen, Arthur, and my main squeeze, Papi the yard rooster who would respond to Spanish as in “!Hola Papi!” then he d delicately peck treats from my hand….he was amazing at protecting his hens

Sorting Through Grass, early Spring

March 28, 2012

My fingers part their roots like hair, tangled green tresses, curling in on themselves, subtle insinuations toward the flower bed, mulch hot-housing them instead of suffocation.
Knotted tight so that I can never pull them. Pulling breaks the fragile necks, stimulates bleeding rootlets to heal into new growth.
Tenacious, grass. Desert, drought, rains, no matter. Grass walks the planet, clings with monkey toes.
Earth smears my pink sweatshirt, my bare hands, the handle of my spade. Blades crackles as it severs roots from soil. Grass-stained me.

Beneath a Saturn sky

March 23, 2012

the land lies unfolding like a woman from her dresses and hair bows, jewelry littering the grasses around her legs, scatter scatter too early for fireflies. Planet bows like prism, like rain, breaks off miniscule particles of its own light to pass them to her, here on earth, this naked woman…see how she extends her hand, her white fingers glow in such a year

White “Owl” mugs 11 oz.

March 21, 2012

March 21, 2012

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Will Make Art for Food Commentary on an Early Spring by Rachael Ikins

March 21, 2012

Sun lifts her skirts come morning after an endless night.
Before evening she changes to lavender and shades of deeper meaning, purple twilight, the night jars chuckle a tweedly song across the road, above a patch of woodland. Hangs on against the bulldozers. Hummingbirds shoot straight up like rockets, fall, cirle, cycling male to female “aint love grand” nest not larger than a teaspoon and spring has come early, the forsythias write of it in a quaver of golden letters