“rollin’ in the deep” Adele

at night, late, just past midnight the worms rise. they seethe and stitch the grasses between my toes. rains drench, worms scroll the driveway, try to breathe. dawn sun cautiously clears the horizon, scenting for remnanted danger of deep night trysts, bakes the worms to the asphalt. Later, fat robins ignore this bounty.


3 Responses to ““rollin’ in the deep” Adele”

  1. clover58 Says:

    Reblogged this on Clover's pages.

  2. clover58 Says:

    Midnight — not usually thinking of worms at that time, :). However, last night I was listening to coyotes singing.

  3. writerraebeth Says:

    Technically it was 11:05 or something and I was taking the dogs out for the last time before bed. But wasn t the previous way I described it much more poetic? And i ve been seeing tails disappear into the wet grass between my feet in the dark …grossed me out, the swamp monster rising, til I realized what they were.

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