Beneath a Saturn sky

the land lies unfolding like a woman from her dresses and hair bows, jewelry littering the grasses around her legs, scatter scatter too early for fireflies. Planet bows like prism, like rain, breaks off miniscule particles of its own light to pass them to her, here on earth, this naked woman…see how she extends her hand, her white fingers glow in such a year


5 Responses to “Beneath a Saturn sky”

  1. fiztrainer Says:

    WOW … I love your writing. I’m so glad I happened upon your blog. 😀

    • writerraebeth Says:

      Thank you, Fitz. I sometimes amaze myself! LOL. I like your blog too. I think Im following it now, as best as I can tell from clicking.
      Thwnk you for the kind words 😉

  2. clover58 Says:

    Now how did I miss this? It’s beautiful, Rachael, very descriptive.

  3. clover58 Says:

    Reblogged this on Clover's pages.

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