Worm farming

Like to shout out to Soulsby farm! Raised worms, red wigglers in my basement in the city many moons ago! Here, you can get them from our recycling facility, just bring a coffee can.
And chickens! I raised my girls for eggs. Of course I ended up with three roosters. One flew off to a new home. Two were buddies until puberty. Thus became the inside rooster in the pen, Arthur, and my main squeeze, Papi the yard rooster who would respond to Spanish as in “!Hola Papi!” then he d delicately peck treats from my hand….he was amazing at protecting his hens


One Response to “Worm farming”

  1. clover58 Says:

    Several that I know are raising (or thinking of raising) chickens. Maybe you should try again! But I imagine that the city frowns on such activity. Not too many want to hear a rooster crowing at 4 or 5 AM!

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