my grandparents

I was searching for an ACEO or artist trading card that has a poem printed on handmade paper, and couldn t find it. However I discovered many unrelated treasures as my search led me from place to place sort of like the trail of breadcrumbs that Hansel & Gretel followed. I found poetry I ‘d written in the early 2000s, ’06, hip hop poetry for various cousins and kids in our family. An anthem of self actualization for myself which, I did try to perform, once, at an open mic, but I could not relax into it. Anyway, I also found doggerel style, amusing poems. At first the style was so different from my own voice, I did not recognize my own work. I thought my ex. had written this. But, when I read the content, a photographic memory popped into my mind and I knew the poem was, in fact, my own work.
here it is.

Observation Across the Table: Eating Dinner with my Grandparents when I Was a Kid
Rachael Z. Ikins

A pea disappeared down
her decolletage.
He knew not where
to find it.
So, in he slid
his finger thus,
and there he did
unbind it.


One Response to “my grandparents”

  1. clover58 Says:

    I haven’t been writing nearly as long as you and I’ve had that experience of digging through my papers, trying to find something (and sometimes being successful), and have come across things that have my name on them, but they seem completely foreign to me now. it gives a new perspective to re-read something long forgotten.

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