Reviews of The Complete Tales from the Edge of the Woods

I am happy to report reviews are beginning to come in on my YA fantasy (really for all ages) on on the book’s page and on Goodreads. Feedback is so far five stars. TCTEW is going on the road, on tour now, too. I’ve asked  messenger dragon, Gabrielle, to swing by to pick me up and then we head for Clifton Park and Eastline Books Saturday June 8 at 1:00 p.m. I will be there. Icarus Aloft’s head publisher, Vince Potenza will also be on hand. After the reading, there will be time for Q & A and books to be signed. Im hopeful that all the books Gabrielle stuffs into her messenger pouch will fly out of there into happy hands and hearts of new readers and  new wanderers of the magical woodland where Ambergris, the great ursine wizard watches over all who pass under the hemlocks’ skirts to dance a reel or two with the Power of the Great Mother. Writing from The Treehouse, the balcony of which is now a fabulous colorful garden mixture of vegetables, herbs, house plants in their summer togs, and annual blossoms; where spirit cats cheek themselves on windchimes and their music rings softly through the air,where at night glow-in-the-dark hummingbirds and , no doubt, faeries come out from their slumbers of warm rooms ‘neath cedar shacks to dance and change colors from deepest purple through to bright green to hot pink and rich reds, I remain Writer Raebeth.

Hope to see you somewhere magical on the roads or in the sky soon.


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