Debut “Partly Sunny with a Chance of Snow; a Pocketful of Showers”

I am very excited to announce the acceptance of the above titled manuscript of my newest chapbook by Finishing Line Press. I am in the process of trying to decide on cover artwork. Since the book is dedicated to my friend, the late photographer and penwoman, Yolanda Tooley, and is inscribed so, I may use the watercolor photoshopped picture of the puppy with the red sneakers posted earlier on this blog. It features her name in the title.
The collection is my most ambitious yet. It is 32 pages and includes poems that have appeared in Ireland through Elbow Lane Poems, Great Britain through indigodreamsonline as well as poems shared with other publications in the United States such as The Penwoman and They interact well together. It is definitely a book about women’s words, but also about life with all its watershed moments, that tells of rich stories to be found everywhere around us. Stories of love, loss, lust, magic, horror and intrigue the book takes us on a wild ride. The first poem pulls you in, as helpless as a fish on a hook, and the last line of the last poem shuts you down like a loud door. As ever, I often held hands with Nature to tell my tales because that is where my muse resides.
I am particularly happy to learn of the release of this book on the heels of the release of “The Complete Tales from the Edge of the Woods.”
This is my debut novel, YA novel, and the first in a trilogy. I have done three readings of the book so far from local to me Mohegan Manor Advance Release Reading, to the official release at Canastota Library where I read to a standing room only crowd, to a wonderful cozy nook of a bookstore back east, Eastline Books, Clifton Park, NY, owned by a woman. Let’s hear it for indie small business owners who are women. Support each other! There, too, I read to a full house and met to a person, folks I’ve known for years only on FaceBook. Very cool to meet younger and younger readers who also already at age 6 or 7 define themselves as writers as well.The cover art is in a competition. It has been picked up by the Neverending Roll Call Say What? Savannah Says by Savannah Mae. She is a book reviewer from Austin, Texas who will be featuring the book on her author pages as well as posting a review when she has read it. Next physical stop for the book performance is Oswego NY at The River’s Edge Bookstore. In October-November I will have a coordinated art exhibition hung at Westcott Art Gallery and plan to do a reading and book signing during that time.
In the meantime Book 2, Tales from the Edge of the Sea is about to undergo official editing. At the same time, Book 3 The Hedgerow is coming to life beneath my fingers. I will follow the magic wherever it leads me. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.


4 Responses to “Debut “Partly Sunny with a Chance of Snow; a Pocketful of Showers””

  1. clover58 Says:

    Congratulations, Rachael! I’m looking forward to the new chapbook, while reading bib by bit my copy of “The Complete Tales…”

  2. clover58 Says:

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    The latest news from Writerraebeth’s Blog

  3. daisychain33 Says:

    Reblogged this on porcelaindollblogdotcom and commented:
    Look forward to reading this! Great news!

  4. Writerraebeth Says:

    Thank you all my readers and re bloggers!

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