The Summer of 2013

It has been a wonderful, interesting adventure, not without pain this year and this summer in particular. I’ve lost 3 good friends and another’s spouse is seriously ill. I find myself remembering last summer, right before I summoned the courage to ” throw myself out of the plane.” I laid on the carpet each morning, fully dressed wondering how my life could’ve sunk to a sad miasma of paralysis. Glad that is behind me.

Sometimes, you have to throw yourself out of the plane. It doesn’t matter if you know there is a parachute or if the ground is near or if there is nothing to catch you. You just have to face fear and have faith that something better awaits, if only you can take a chance. Last summer I had no novels under my name on Amazon. This summer I have one and just completed the re-write for Book 2.

i have traveled to strange places this summer  wonderful road trips. I’ ve reconnected with several very dear friends met along the way, through the years. There is nothing quite as amazing as rekindling an old friendship, especially when I assumed from the depression that plagued me, that any and everyone I liked from my past was no longer a friend to me 

because of me. Not true. Life is never perfect but parts of it are fabulous. Their warmth is enough to carry me over the slow days. I have new friends from FaceBook and met at book signings and art events. I have a full schedule ahead of me.

i am looking forward to my new gig as a cover artist for Finishing Line Press and the new chapbook they re publishing of my work this year. All set to take advance production orders so step right up. I know a piece of my artwork has been chosen as a part of a postcard PR for a show with the CNY branch of the Penwomen.  Am  looking forward to readings from the Complete Tales in Oswego at River’s End bookstore and at Westcott Community Art Gallery, and Liverpool Library as well as appearing as a guest on various blogs and the release of a new anthology of poetry  by Codhill press of women writers of the Hudson Valley that  includes my work.

i never understand why people want to seek out psychics. If I ‘d known some of what was in store for me, I would ‘ve checked out long ago. Luckily I weathered it and if I’d known what was in store for me in a good way, I would ve denied myself the wonderful surprises and pleasure of discovery and achievement.

In conclusion I would like to add, as many wonderful memories of times in history as there are, as if preserved in amber, you truly cannot go back. This minute is all you own and it owns you. Treasure the limitless possibility within it. Fly.




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One Response to “The Summer of 2013”

  1. clover58 Says:

    You have had a memorable and exciting year! Keep up the good thoughts and works along the path of the next.

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