God Considered the Horizon by Rachael Ikins

This is the revised title of my upcoming chapbook collection Finishing Line Press has available to pre- order on their website http://www.finishinglinepress.com at this time. This book is a memorial to my friend the late Yolanda Tooley, in both content and cover artwork. If you ‘re interested in ordering the unique and emotive collection, please visit Finishing Line today. The print run of actual chapbooks is determined by the number of pre- orders, so obviously, the more readers who order now, the larger the number of available books will be. It is from this collection of poems, which has an actual release date of November 2013, that I’ll be choosing  to read at Lismore Castle, Ireland in December. I was invited by publisher Leah Maines of Finishing Line to attend the conference, to study and to read.

I look forward to meeting some of the Elbow Lane poets from FaceBook and Fermoy, Ireland while there, as well as perhaps other Elbow Lane poets, relatives from Cambridge UK, and also authors I have read and admired.

The chapbook cover will be in color of the photograph in this blog, ” Yolanda and the Dancin’ Shoes: Stepping’ Out.” If you scroll down to earlier posts on this blog you can see it. Author photograph by Donna J. Ward. As soon as the art department at FLP sends me a cover mock up and I approve it, I will post on my blogs and FBs and website and FLP will have it on theirs as well. Finishing Line also offers on their website a chance for readers to write reviews of the poets they have read and whose words inspired them. Please check that out, too. Feedback from readers is a good thing. You may also post reviews on my FB. As soon as the print edition is available, FLP will list it on Amazon.com, where readers can post reviews, too. It will be on my Amazon author page along with my other FLP chapbook, “Transplanted.” You can also learn more about the collection by going to http://www.patriciastoltey.blogspot.com where Pat recently posted a feature about the book under its former title. If you are a blogger and enjoyed reading this, please feel free to re blog! Thank you! 

The title is part of a line from one of the poems in the book, “When King David Discovered Poetry”


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2 Responses to “God Considered the Horizon by Rachael Ikins”

  1. Nancy Keefe Rhodes Says:

    With this book, you become a poet to be reckoned with. Congratulations!

  2. clover58 Says:

    I like the new title. Just that alone provides something to think about before you even open the pages!

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