Join my campaign ” Back to the Castle” on It is in support of my return trip to Ireland to complete the writing of Book 3 in my Tales series and to launch a full length collection of my poetry, the first as a matter of fact as well as to read live at an international poetry festival there. You don’t need to contribute a lot. A small amount will do.

I truly believe in writers and artists helping each other, what goes around, comes around, good karma and all of that. Poets in particular have a difficult time of it because modern poetry is rarely made into movies nor does it often reach the NY Times best seller list, thus bringing the author buckets of money. But, poets have to eat to be able to write. Heat and light are definitely pluses to unclamping the fingers and the muse. Wander through Barnes and Noble these days and every genre is hard hit in this economy.

I’m offering some perks for those interested in joining my campaign. That is the chance to become a main character in a new novel or a walk on cameo sort appearance in a scene depending on the amount involved.

So I sure would like it if any blog readers would repost this and share it along. And if you ‘ve always wanted to be in a book, let me know! We can make a deal!


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    Join in to help Rachael’s campaign.

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