Why should I care about Poetry?

Is poetry relevant in our modern times?
When I started to write poetry, my dad told me it was not poetry because it did not rhyme. My mom told me that I d never make any money as a poet.

Ok, see previous article on taking critique. Probably if you publish a best selling collection of poems there won t be a movie version. Let’s face it. Poets who don’t teach, even excellent poets, probably should keep a day job to pay bills.
That said, have you listened to the radio in the car lately? Downloaded any tunes into your device of choice? Songs are poems put to music.
In particular, for all the negative feedback I ve heard on hip hop and rap music, these forms, in particular, are close to performance poetry enhanced with music. This kind of poetry is performed at poetry slams. Many colleges have poetry slam teams.

Unfortunately, lots of pop tunes consist of lyrics of cliches. What is a cliche?
Something all poets should avoid!
A cliche is some expression, often a comparison,that is so commonly used or overused that is has no originality and is boring. One art teacher of mine, watercolorist Catherine Bennett always mentions this when she critiques my work, ” Oh, I like that (object). It adds interest.”
INTEREST. You want to interest your readers because who will read your work if it is common and boring?
I don’t really like to name names but am going to name two. In Miley Cyrus’s controversial song ” Wrecking Ball” all gasp/shock/nudity aside, her simile of a person behaving like a wrecking ball trying to force her way into a lover’s head thus destroying the relationship, is, in this poet’s opinion, fairly original interesting writing. It is an accurate take on relationships. On the other hand Katy Perry’s song ” Dark Horse” is one line of cliche after another. While some cliches might be easier to remember because they are common, they re not interesting. I found that lyric’s concept very cool, but the writing quite bland and disappointing.
So, remember, whether it is a rhyming TV commercial, a song lyric, or a Greeting card text, poetry is everywhere and continues to be relevant in our lives. Try to make your own. Make it interesting with unusual word choices and non- obvious ways of looking at your subject. Surprise your readers. Respect them enough to make your own poetic path.

trivia challenge: who was the historical woman poet who is generally considered responsible for the free verse ” form” of poetry?


3 Responses to “Why should I care about Poetry?”

  1. C Bennett Says:

    I appreciate u!

  2. clover58 Says:

    Was it Emily Dickinson?

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