Seasonal Flooding

Rising waters, swelling life, it is Spring

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We live in an area that is prone to some spring flooding, as well as other times.  With heavy rain and melting snow over the weekend, these pictures show what was  across the road from my house Monday morning, on a flat area adjacent to Oneida Creek.  This creek is the boundary between two counties as it flow through my area.

View from an upstairs window.
View from an upstairs window.
Another view from above
Another view from above

This last view is from our front porch.  The red house sits at the top of a hill, and it looks as though the flooding might be at their back door, but the hill is high, and I do not think they ever have any problem with flooding coming into their house.

Behind neighbor's house.
Behind neighbor’s house.

Normally, Oneida Creek is a rather quiet, gentle flowing stream, but when it rains, look out!  All the area in this above pictures should…

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  1. clover58 Says:

    Thanks for sharing my post, Rachael!

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