Quotable Cicero

I could not agree more with this. My Complete Tales were inspired in part by my then 3 year old next door neighbor and our adventures in the garden my husband and I created in the front of our old stone house. My little friend came every day whether to pull maple seed spinners for a penny a pull or to help plant seeds, to water, to wrinkle noses up at stinky compost and then to hang with me in shady trees where we had hammocks and she and. I read many books. In part the Complete Tales began because after knowing her ten years, when her teen years began things were tough as they are for many. It was something I thought to do to comfort her. We spied many a faerie and ran giggling from possible witches. Those were good times. Gardens, books and children are a definite match.

Whimsical Words

154 “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Cicero

As a gardener and an avid book reader, I agree. Which is why I not only share books with my grandkids, but encourage them to help me in the garden. Yes, sometimes they pull up flowers instead of weeds. Yes, mulch goes everywhere. Yes, I end up covered in more dirt and debris than I would if I gardened alone. But visiting a library and gardening with children are ways to make the world a better place.

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(And, yes, I know Cicero is kind of a geeky favorite — but I took Latin for years, and read quite a few quotes by him).

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