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In praise of Rachael Ikins’ Historias:

The poems in this new collection by Rachael Ikins, a few in Spanish, most in English, sing out of survival and perseverance. From A Fairytale to Historia to Survivor, and more, the poems are vivid and true with “la profundidad de una nube.” Her voice will stay with you, like a “mermaid’s song” with the call to “vivir: sentir y palpitar” life to the fullest.

–Treanor Baring, Poetry Editor, National League of American Pen Women, & The Pen Woman Magazine.


Rachael Ikins’ poems are about the small and the large moments in our lives, the nuance, the crises and the sorrows. Her voice is a deluge of playfulness, naughtiness, heartbreak, and triumph. Ikins unravels her most private thoughts and reveals the wide physical and emotional geography the poet has traversed
—Dorothy Alexander, poet, storyteller and country lawyer. She and her wife, Devey Napier, own Village Books Press of Cheyenne, Oklahoma..


Histories: Stories of Survival introduces the reader to lyrical poems in which aging, the sense of our own mortality, and the fraility of the mind and body threaten to overwhelm the speaker. These paeans to life—always freighted with emotion and moving in their pathos and insight into the human–are also lovely constructions whose rhyme and verse form symbolically mirror the human need for inner support in dealing with these issues. Ikins’s love of the sea and animals, especially cats, provides ballast for her journey here. And the last poem, in which she and a young girl in her building share secrets—just “two girls”—is beautifully characteristic of the grace that comes in small moments throughout this collection.

—Jane Chance
Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor Emerita of English, Rice University


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