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Tummy Rub Tuesday

February 12, 2019

At Katzenworld. And if you scroll down the text the first kitty in sun with my socked feet is our Gabster!

Review of For Kate

February 9, 2019

How to trick yourself into loving vegetables

February 5, 2019

Lots of ppl dislike vegetables. Nobody makes jokes about having been forced to sit all evening at the table because you wouldn’t eat all your chocolate cake, do they? or if you crave, say, salad, yay, you. Nobody says “your body must need it” if you crave double stuffed Oreos.

In my case when I was a kid my mom was not the most inspired cook, and frozen food was quite the craze in the 50s-60s so we had a frozen block of khaki-colored limp spinach, green beans whatever nightly, take you pick. Tasted like crap, was nauseating texture-wise and there ya go. I couldn’t stand em.

Salads were a piece of iceberg, a crunchy fake ripe tomato slice, and a dollop of cottage cheese. 🤮

LUCKILY IM A GROWNUP NOW! Recently I‘ve been wondering how many people fall in love with vegetables as adults rather than as kids. just listening to convos around me.

Saw a news story on the health segment the other night about variations and combos for smoothies.

I love traditional breakfasts but reserve that for eating out. My daily breaking of the fast is a smoothie, coffee and a glass of cider. Anyway here are some tasty combos. And save leftover veggies from the night before.

1.Cooked carrots + oranges

2. Kale/spinach + blueberries or strawberries, kiwi, banana

3. Beets + strawberries

4. Pineapple + kale

If you happen to be a protein shake or Slimfast person and like chocolate flavor, a tsp of that.

All mixes well (not all of these at once,) but each pairing with them. I like almond milk, but you can use yogurt, or dairy milk. A tsp of peanut butter goes well with banana.A handful of oats to any makes it more filling.

I once discovered around 2002-4 that then a cart of fresh veggies cost me one time only $25. I remember a cashier counseling a new SNAP user on how they could buy “donuts, pie, chips, cookies” I wondered why would you buy that garbage (I like a lot of said garbage) and spend way more $ than on a cart of vegetables? See above, my beginning premise.

Anyway, I share my smoothie combos with you. Thanks, NewsChannel 9.

If you ve read this far, be creative. Post your own unique combinations when you invent them.