Tips for Poets

Hey, just a reminder tip for all enthusiastic poets out in cyberworld. I’m seeing quite a bit of original poetry directly posted recently. If you post a poem on social media typed as the post, that is considered “published.”

Which means if a potential editor/publisher asks for “previously unpublished work” and you submit it, and they check your social media platforms and find it 👎. nowadays the number of followers you have and your platforms do come under scrutiny. It is the world we write in.

Don’t put new work on social media.

SO, how to get examples of your work out there? Well, when the journal comes out OR when your copies of your new chap or other book arrive in your mailbox, open to a page and take a pic of the page, then post that w a blurb abt the book. Its easy to copy the post and share to 4 or 5 social media platorms in less than 5 minutes. Doing this allows you to post on more ie Instagram takes photos.

This will accomplish two things. First, the world gets to read your excellent work, and second its a great way to market your book. You can add a front cover shot and link to buy in the post as well.

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