The Complicated Process of Coming Home

January 26, 2019


The Fishercat

January 10, 2019

Every cat should have some pets of her own. Gabby, short for Gabrielle, the dragon protagonist in my novel, “Totems” (logcabinbooks) is no exception. She enjoys caring for the mini ocean we have. When Tom of APM comes to maintain the tank she is right there to supervise and help him.

If I shake the container of fish food and call “Feed the fiddies” she runs from wherever she is, hops up on the stool to watch the fish eat their meal. Cato took it a step further, once managed to claw a lid open and barely missed me catching him up to his armpit fishing. Literally. The splash sound of water, large puddle on rug and innocent Cato industriously licking a soaking front leg across the room did not fool me. Luckily, the fish all had the sense to hide in the rocks. Snow brought to us all the way from the Pacific is piling up on the deck today, but inside we are scuba diving off Costa Rica.

Gone Dogs almost ready

January 9, 2019

Im so excited. The editors at posted on Instagram that the book has reached the final proof. It looks stunning. My poem “Memoir of an Elderly Dachshund” by my little old man, Lowrider who died 2 years ago in November at age 18, and multiple photos of him are in this wonderful anthology of poems and stories of dogs loved and lost, where love endures. Books can be ordered from the above website. Authors receive several copies. The editors advise me that there might be a second volume call going out. Anyway stay tuned for more news.

Ruby teaches Cato a lesson

January 3, 2019

Ruby finally lost her shit today. Maine coons are the most tolerant cats going. I ve seen Bug maul her, yank on her ears. Cato shoves her out of every food dish she is eating from. Gabby disses her w the “snotty lil sis” thing.

Ruby likes getting me up very early. 4:30 was not cool. I yelled at her. Maybe it was a shit-rolls-downhill. By the time I did get up and they all had eaten, suddenly she was on top of Cato riding him in a full body press through the house. Bug wasn’t sure should he side with band of brothers or defer to the cat who had raised him. Gabby’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she watched with what looked like horror. Ruby is a 17 lb girl. Cato weighs 10 lbs. Gabby is a measly 5-7. Anyway this all happened in total silence! I imagine in Ruby’s Head she was saying in a mom sort of way “ I SAID enough, ASSHOLE.”

They made it to the stairway as I ran up. Cato was flopped on his side, dilated pupils but faking being chill. Panting. Ruby, well I don’t remember where or what she was doing. A la Jackson Galaxy I ran for cat toys, mice flying through the air, rolled little jingle balls, wand toys wiggling to entice. It worked. Ruby went for the toys and someone has learned his lesson because he did not horn in to take any toys she was using. I retired to the kitchen to have my coffee. Seeing a 17 lb longhair cat lose her shit was truly… amazing. not a sound and no bloodshed. Just a lesson in manners. 😺

Great news!

December 30, 2018

The poetry anthology from indieblu(e) press, We Will Not Be Silenced which contains my ArtRage performed poems “Chores” and “I Heard a Robin Sing” the latter being a part of my upcoming 2019 released memoir “Crazy Quilt & Other Family Heirlooms” (ClareSongbirdsPublishingHouse) has made #2 on Book Authority’s Top 100 new poetry books for 2019. I had tweeted a “thanks for standing up” to Dr Christina Blasey-Ford and heard back from her. This is all so exciting. Hope to be at the Womens March in a booth with this and other womens’ issues books and art for sale.

The book is available on Amazon. All proceeds go to women’s shelters and organizations related.

The Festival of Creative Arts at Case Mansion

December 16, 2018

What can I say to describe yesterday? The romance of the historic location reminiscent of my workshop in 2014 in Lismore Castle in Ireland for starters. Second, how appropriately our booths, Clare Songbirds Publishing and my arts booth were in the library. Imagine growing up there and doing your studies in a room with a secret passageway built into the bookcase?At times the parking was backed up down the street. There were musical performances, bands, a group of kazoo players, kids’ choir caroling to name a few and poetry readings going on all day. Artists and crafters came, some from far away and there was so much to see and enjoy. Woodworking gems, choclatier magical hedgehogs and other delights, beekeepers who gave out honey samples and were so informative to listen. The church women had a room filled with crocheted beanies and caps for all ages. Textile artists, handcrafted soaps, hot packs and paintings.

Of course there was the hot chocolate bar. The women of the Presbyterian church did a smashing job with bowls of toppings for the rich drink at only a buck and then the lunch menu for all artists gratis was hand made and delivered and better than Panera.

There were tours through the mansion during the show as well. I wish I’d had time to go on one. Its huge with slate tile roof and a carriage port cochere and a gorgeous blue and white tiled kitchen fireplace, massive fireplaces in all the rooms…I met so many wonderful people and spoke with so many, shared stories and sold more of my works and more variety than I ever have anywhere–candles, books, artwork, prints. I was really happy. I was also thrilled as an author and reader to see the reaction of folks who came into the library not necessarily to look at booths, but who gasped with visceral response to the books on the shelves. Books are not dead, oh no way 😊.

The show was organized by my fellow artist and pen woman friwnd Sandy Shutter. Kudos to her!

Our next gig, weather permitting, will be at the Women’s March in Seneca Falls in March (I think) where we will have booths in a huge tent filled with women artists and crafters, and I can already tell you I will be stocking the following books (among others) Just Two Girls, We Will Not Be Silenced, Before They Were Our Mothers,& Be the Change. The latter 3 are anthologies that include my work.

Anyway, great day for a gray CNY December Saturday. The weather gods cooperated and I don’t think anybody left without a smile on their face.

Poetry news

September 20, 2018

Pleased to announce I am the new Associate Editor for Clare Songbirds Publishing House. #claresongbirdspublishing #poetry my full length collection, “Just Two Girls” won the 2018 Independent Book Award for excellence in poetry, seen here. The poem “Suitcases Full of When” was nominated for a Pushcart prize. J2G is also nominated for a 2018 CNY Book Award. Other books I released 2017/18 include “For Kate, a love story four parts” Totems, anthologies Before They Were Our Mothers: Before Rosie Started Riveting, Be the Change (Spirited Muse Press) and upcoming Gone Dogs w poetry and photography.

“New Skin”

September 13, 2017

More poetry news

August 9, 2017

Check out yesterday’s post by Finishing Line Press Leah Maines in Paddock Review, FLP online zine featuring FLP poets and poetry and also books. My poem is “A Bowl of Berries.” This appeared on multiple FB poetry walls, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, the FLP website and their blog. 

I am pleased to announce that Clare Songbirds LLC has accepted my small collection “For Kate: a Love Story in Four Parts.” We should be seeing it in a few months. I am hoping to sharenor donate the proceeds from my own salea of the book to the CNY Cat Coalition or Spay and Neuter Syracuse. Stay tuned.

Just Two Girls

August 7, 2017

By Rachael Ikins

Full length poetry collection with a slap upside the head ending sure to shock.

Releasing by Clare Songbirds Publishing LLC, launch party and reading 8/20/17

Broadside titled “Owl” from this collection.